Looking for a Church Architect in North Carolina?

Did you know, the oldest church in North Carolina is the St Thomas Episcopal Church in Bath? Constructed in 1734, this small church has welcomed visitors for over 282 years.

Compared to churches in other countries, buildings in America might appear relatively modern; however, even after a couple of a hundred years, a church, like any other building, can start to experience structural problems that need to be addressed.

The challenges in undertaking church renovations pose unique problems: in particular seamlessly accommodating modern amenities in such a traditional context.

As church architects, Harbinson Architects have worked on some of the most iconic buildings in America, including in North Carolina and New York.

We have over 35 years of experience working as church architects, with our previous projects including Riverside Church in New York. This project involved installing a new sound system and the sealing of the Guastovino vaulted ceiling for increased reverberation. As church architects we have also designed additions, both interior and exterior, and made challenging handicapped accessibility solutions blend naturally with their surrounding traditional environments. 

As church architects in North Carolina we can modify any church while fully respecting the building and the faith’s historical roots. We cover both renovations and restorations, and have a strong appreciation for the beauty and history of America’s churches.

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